Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Bling-Bling!

Well, Beling beling to be exact! Imagine how thrilled I was to discover that Daun Pecah Beling IS growing in my neigbourhood! Now that I know what it looks like, my eyes naturally grabbed any growths in the neighbourhod "belukar" that resembles the plant that I had received from Penang. What a nice and plkeasant discovery it was....

....especially since my stock of leaves to be blended with an apple avery other day is dwindling very fast, and not to mention, whatever that's left are wilting just as fast too. I had also generously offered some to a couple of people I know who were keen to have some. One is for a friend's nephew who has colon cancer, who will complete his chemotherapy soon, and the other is for a friend's nephew-in-law who is currently undergoing chemotheraphy for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Now I can tell them that there is a ready source of fresh leaves. One of my neighbours must have planted it, it couldn't have just grown on its own.

I had cautioned them that this should be treated as a supplement ( rich in antioxidants) rather than a cure ( not clinically tested yet but testimonials from survivors who take the blended drink regularly ) and therefore they would continue with their chemotherapy routine.

I am going to a birthday Hi-Tea of a friend at her home today ( she turns 60) and seriously thinking of giving her some of the cuttings that I have started growing of Pecah Beling. Her hubby is a green enthusiast and loves to garden, so it could be a nice gift , if I "dress up" the pot and gift-wrap it. It will be a gift with a difference as other than a book, I have run out of good ideas on what to give as presents for friends who have led a very good life....who seems to have everything that they need , and more. Hmm, I could seriously consider this....


Umi Kalthum Ngah said...

Dearest Azmi,


Good to hear all these things!

I do have those bushes at both my homes (Ipoh-weekends and Parit Buntar-working residence). Both my husband and I - we consume three large leaves each morning, just like that, on an empty stomach.

An architect friend of my husband sent us two pots of the blooming plants through courier service all the way from Kelantan nearly ten years ago. Just because my husband went there and then picked him up and another man whom he later dropped off; then asked whether that man was his friend's brother. Imagine my husband's surprise when the architect friend said that the man was not his brother. He's his father! Appeared youngish because of a certain herb which he takes every morning on an empty stomach on the way to the masjid for subuh prayer every morning..My husband was just asking and we got the two pots a few days later!

How kind!

Only realized that the plants have got lots of antixidants only a couple of years back.

Carry on consuming...

Has said...

Azmi, cerita you sama macam cerita I. Bila Lilly beri cutting pokok bling-bling, bukan main I balik tanam dan jaga, then bila lalu kot rumah jiran baru lah NAMPAK; yang hari-hari dok lihat pokok tu; that the jiran punya pecah beling di buat pagar satu halaman rumah!

Actually what I noticed, orang Melayu suka tanam aje, tak kisah sangat nak practice atau ambil tahu. Orang Cina yang rajin gunakan.

I think kita ni model after Lilly, she is very generous in making the plant's benefit known and giving cutting to people in need.

Has said...

Umi Kalthum,

Imagine me drinking the juice of 40 pecah beling leaves in one glass, he he he, I will be ageless soon.

Umi Kalthum Ngah said...


Wow! You must! Look ageless.

Taken photos?


Just joking!

Has! Seems you are attached to USM Kubang Kerian while I am at USM Transkrian - engineering!

Has said...


Rupa-rupanya kita sebumbung ya!

I've never been to Transkerian. Tapi pernah jumpa engineer dari sana masa dok buat PTK6, now what year was that? I think that was 2003.

Azmi said...

ye ke it is also for awet muda? Bagus lah! Tak payah botox and vit c and silicon and whatever. Best of all, it is free and fresh from the garden!
No wonder you look so youthful!

Azmi said...

ya lah..I must have seen that shrub tapi tak sangka it could be bling-bling! Looking at the leaves macam sandpaper, memang tak sangka boleh di consume. I am happily growing them in pots now, and just yesterday gave some more cuttings to someone for her sister. Soon KL will be bling-bling city, heh heh.

Yes, thanks to you and Lilli, these good things re being shared with bc survivors. You sre observant about the Chinese and usage of herbs. One of my neighours(old nyonya) inroduced me to another leave , it grows on a tree, like a jambu tree. The leaves are like sireh a bit but mnore lonjong.Dark green. The top is very soft and the underside like texture f daun keladi. Very bitter. I am not taking it ritually but good to know that it is supposed to be good for headaches (high bp?). She doesn't know the name in English or Malay, only in chinese. I will try to find out more. Imagine all these daun2 khazanah alam and we know so little about them.

Azmi said...

nice to know that you might have met before and now got re-connected via my blog!

Has said...


Now you buat I curious nak tengok Umi, he he he.

Fasal pokok ni interesting; no wonder the phrase: Setiap penyakit ada ubat. Cuma kita aje yang jahil.

Satu contoh herbs yang kita dok buang, sebab dia suka tumbuh dalam rumput carpet is what orang Klate panggil Bayam Paksi. Bungu unggu kecil2, herb renek, daun macam salad rocket. I dah cuba makan, best buat ulam. Khasiatnya dikatakan untuk darah tinggi.

Satu lagi yang kita dok buang; sireh cina. Ni baik untuk angin and detox. Another name for it is Bayam air, pokok batang dia lembuat berair suka tumbuh dalam pasu bunga tu, daun kecil2 macam daun sireh.

Lagi pokok tutup bumi. Dulu I rajin juga gi Tesco beli sayur organik, tapi tak dak masa nak masak dah, dah kerja ni, cuti sabatikal pun sibuk gak. Last2 sayur organik yang mahal tu dibuang dalam tong sampah.

Finally I realised, the herbs around my house and the wheatgrass dah cukup untuk my supply of phytonutrients hari2.

Azmi said...

Salam Kak Azmi,

Even though pecah beling [strobilanthes crispus / serico calyx] are good with antioxidants but must very careful consume it for long term. It is proved to eliminate kidney stone /batu karang and diuretic effects. It is can cause internal bleeding. If you are looking for specific herbs that combat cancer pls email me at for more info.